The Nursery

In 2006 EAMO accepted its first baby, Minnie. Minnie’s mother died when she was only 6 months old and her 15 year old sister was left to care for her, which she found quite difficult. As a result, Minnie became extremely malnourished and at risk of dying. A concerned neighbour contacted EAMO and both Minnie and her sister were taken in. They arrived at EAMO when Minnie was just 13 months old and extremely under weight – thankfully she responded to love, care and good nutritional food quite quickly, as you can see in the photo above. Today, at age 7, Minnie is a very healthy, happy girl.

The demand for baby care has lead to EAMO opening a Nursery. At the time the local hospital was looking after a number of babies and needed some where to place them. EAMO was able to accept 4 to live at the new Nursery. Since then we have cared for almost 50 babies, some of which are now old enough to live with the other children leaving almost 30 toddlers in the Nursery today.

Peregrine and Gecko’s Tours made the initial contribution to get the Nursery project started. The Project is now finished thanks also to a number of individual donors. The little one’s enjoy the large bedrooms and hot baths.

A brief word about Gecko’s Tours:

Gecko’s operates tourism that fosters understanding, appreciation and conservation of the cultures and environments they visit. They operate in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and are committed to working with clients and the peoples of host destinations to ensure direct economic benefits at a community level, and to contribute to cultural and environmental conservation. With the continual monitoring of their operations, the aim is to operate beyond best practice guidelines, endeavouring to set the world-wide industry benchmark for responsible tourism operation.

Peregrine Tours:

An adventure holiday with Peregrine is about relaxation, fulfilment, discovery, challenge, adventure and learning – as opposed to simply ticking off ‘places and things’ from a list. We’ll visit the icons but we’ll also bring you closer to local cultures and environments by involving local people in tourism. One of the very best ways we, as a tour operator, can demonstrate our commitment to responsible travel by involving local people is by employing leaders from the country or region in which the tour operates.