When I visited EAMO,  I was extremely impressed! The dedication of the entire care team was wonderful and the overall level of support and education the orphans receive completely exceeded my expectations.

The happy children are living in an environment of love and care that only comes from dedication and full commitment.

I urge all who read this short report to help in any way you can!

Michael O’Neill, NSW, Australia.

My name is Nicola and I have just spent two months as a volunteer at EAMO. I’m a 32 year old Australian and am a qualified Teacher and Psychologist. It has been the most rewarding life experience……. in fact life changing. I don’t know if I can put into words what the orphanage is achieving for the children…..but I will try.

Ralph and May Spinks spend every day trying to improve the lives of the children living here. They are extremely passionate, inspiring people that have done so much for the lives of children and adults in Kenya.

While I have been at the orphanage I have been welcomed as part of the family. I would like to sincerely thank Ralph and May for this amazing opportunity. I have been involved in teaching art lessons, observing the teachers, sewing, cooking and being involved in the day to day running of the orphanage. So I feel that I can say with first hand experience that EAMO is run extremely well.

The children are cared for in a loving, family-based environment. They are happy children that enjoy their lives here at the orphanage. The care of the children is well thought out and even the meals are planned to give the children the best opportunity to grow and develop.

EAMO provides a safe environment for the children who are all cared for individually. It is great to see EAMO striving for self-sufficiency with clean drinking water and a very large garden to supply fresh fruit and veggies.

Running an orphanage like EAMO is such a huge commitment and the financial struggles are large. The sponsorships and donations are used very wisely, however there are continuing financial challenges. Personally, it is satisfying to see that the money is spent on the children but overwhelming to see how much more could be done if there were more sponsors and donations.

I would encourage anyone that would like to assist EAMO to do so, as it does change the lives of children here!

Nicola Mellick: Volunteer

It has been a childhood dream of mine to come to Africa and volunteer at an orphanage. At 24 years old, I have finally made it to East African Mission Orphanage (EAMO) and plan on spending a few months here getting to know the children and being of service where I can. I have had a fair amount to do with children, and have always felt a strong pull in my heart for underprivileged children, especially to the extreme they are found in Africa.

Due to the poor way of life here in Kenya, and the rampant disease and short life expectancy in adults, there are so many little children that are left abandoned or in the hands of other family members who aren’t able to care for them. Nearly every day EAMO is notified of more children needing to be taken in and cared for. Naturally, they can usually only take in the most desperate children, or as funding and sponsorship allows. At present, extensions to the dormitories and a new dining hall and nursery are needed. Thankfully donors have be found for these and building has begun.

It is really inspiring to hear the Spinks family’s stories of how they began EAMO with just a few children and no sponsors, and grown to what it has become today. The Directors, Ralph and May (known as Mum and Dad to the children) are energetic and extremely caring people. They have wholeheartedly given their lives to caring for these children, and you can see on their faces they love every day of it!

The children all have their own sad and individual backgrounds, but it is obvious that they are very happy with the new and improved life and opportunities they now have at EAMO.

I have been involved in taking art classes, sewing and mending clothes and uniforms, cooking, taking P.E. classes, looking after the babies, and various cleanup tasks on the property. While working with the children I have noticed how much they absorb anything you have to offer and teach them. It is touching to see that even though they have been through so much, they have such big hearts and happy smiles!

I would like to thank the Spinks’ for making me feel at home, and the inspiration they have shown through the love of these children!

It is great to be involved with an organization that still has such a family feel, and be able to see that donations are put to good use. I would like to encourage anyone who is interested in sponsoring a child, or would like to help with one of their projects, to firstly consider East African Mission Orphanage. It is nice to see all of the money donated being used in the areas needed, not lost in administration costs as is common with a lot of the larger organizations.

This experience has been more than I hoped for!!

Talia Read: Volunteer.

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