Imagine growing up without
family, food, home or education

The extreme poverty in Kenya leaves a trail of homeless children. Many of these children either die a premature death through malnutrition or walk the streets in search of food. Some of the most desperate children turn to glue sniffing to suppress the hunger pains, or to prostitution as a means of survival.

Help us make a change by creating a bright future for the homeless children of Kenya.

EAMO (East African Mission Orphanage) was established in 1997 by Australian couple, Ralph and May Spinks who today provide a loving home for hundreds of orphaned children including babies and teenage mothers. EAMO is registered as a charitable institution with the Kenyan Government for the purpose of caring for children in desperate need and is taking up the challenge of finding and caring for orphaned children before they reach the streets of Kenya.

Find out more about EAMO and what we do.

Latest News

24yrs later…..

It’s been great 24 years since we began our mission here in Kenya providing a home for many kids who would otherwise be destitute or even dead. We have had so many challenges but more blessings for we have created responsible citizens 

Kim our first born(now 26yrs)  completed his university studies and has been working with Ziwa Bush lodge for the last 5yrs as a procurement manager. Wally (26yrs) is doing his masters in English literature, Eunice(26yrs) is working as a teacher in an international school, Mercy (24yrs) is working as a high school teacher, Daniel (28) is working at a water company, Hanna is working as a Cook at Ziwa Bush lodge and learning to become a chef, just to name a few.

Many other kids have also started their families and are happy.


Covid-19 effects on EAMO

Over the years we have had many kids pass through EAMO and at one point we provided a home to over 250 kids in one go. We have had challenges here and there but we have been able to run the orphanage without our hitch, thanks to the continued donations from our Donors across the globe. 

However this hasn’t been the case since the emergence of covid 19 pandemic in 2020. Running of the orphanage has been a challenge due to the fact that many donors dropped out understandably due to the pandemic. We were forced to close the EAMO school and send the kids to the outside school in order to cut costs in employing teachers and other school staff. Currently we have 86 kids raging between 4-18yrs with the majority ages between 7-13 yrs. All kids attend a neighbouring school except the EAMO academy( 4-7yrs). 


How can you help EAMO?

We are often asked, “how can I help EAMO?” Their answer is always the same, “there are 4 ways to help:

  1. Sponsor a Child
  2. Make a donation
  3. Fund a project
  4. Buy a Gift Card

However, sponsoring a child is the greatest priority because there are still many children at EAMO who do not have sponsors and the Sponsorship Program does not yet cover the full monthly budget for the children!”